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Official Tokenomics

Token Name: CAZBUX
Symbol: CAZX
Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000
Decimals: 18

Tokenomics Features
9% Tax Each Sell Transactions

3% Tax to Liquidity
3% Tax Redistributed to Holders
3% of transaction for Marketing

Max 2% of Supply per Holder
Max 1% of supply per transaction

Nov-27-2021 08:12:00 AM

CAZBUX Ultimate Growth RoadMap

CAZBUX Ultimate Growth RoadMap

October 2021
- CazBux Website Live
- Twitter and Telegram Groups

November 2021
- Official CazBux Launching
- RoadMap
- Introduction to Tokenomics and Use Cases
- Bounties
- Listings
- Exchangers
- Liquidity Locking
- Full Blast Marketing

December 2021
- First Batch 100 of 10,000 NFTs Release and to be Minted.
- CazBux Merchandise Releases
- More Marketing Push
- Introduction to CazBux Miner (Prototype)
- Introduction to CazBux Rewards Cards

1st Quarter 2022
- Launching of Complete CazBux Turnkey Marketplace for Products and Services
- Concentrated Marketing Campaigns
- Online Events and AMAs

2nd Quarter 2022
- Implementation of Miner and Rewards Cards
- Concentrated Marketing Campaigns
- Strengtening Blockchain integrations

3rd Quarter to 4th Quarter 2022
- Launching and Physical Releases of CazBux miner
- Concentrated Marketing Campaigns
- More High Level Listings activation

Nov-27-2021 08:04:53 AM




CazBux is the world’s leading independent decentralized branded business valuation and strategy consultancy in DeFi and DeX cosmopolitan. Rooted in the Heart of Blockchain Technology, with the help of world wide web we are present now in many countries. We provide a unique global perspective through our global network and in-depth market and sector knowledge. This puts us in an excellent position to address the increasingly global needs of our clients.

CazBux is geared maximally to reliably manage all staking,trades and holdings made by our registered members and users and help maximize the stable profit of our stake holders and Coin/Token holders using our unique ultimate plans. With over years of providing professional and epic Trading services to different investors across the universe, we are famed for our versatility, efficiency, effectiveness and diligence. We have a seven star trading equipments carefully engineered by the pioneer blockchain technical experts. Our wide range of carefully selected trading plans are ever ready to stir the course of your trading yearnings to a loftier height. Our tentacles are wide spread such that our network of data centres are across the globe which makes CazBux a global trading,staking and token holders village. Nevertheless, our CazBux trading/staking plans are well thought out and it's evenly distributed to all levels of income category. We have the best team of expert traders ever ready to attend to your trading plans with the speed of light.

Our source of revenue is generated by trading in the foreign exchange market, crypto currency trading and exchange executions, DeX, DeFi, NTFs, Play to Earn Games, CFD trading, trading information, staking and shares evaluation of major business connections in order to ensure stable profit and payment to our users without delay or stress.

Oct-13-2021 01:33:52 PM

Liquidity Pool for CazBux is started

Announcing New Liquidity Pool on PanCakeSwap for CazBux
BNB/CAZX pair is now available on PanCakeSwap.

Offering a new exchange option with the BNB/CAZX pair, enabling to swap between these tokens and enjoying slightly cheaper fees on Binance Smart Chain. It also opens the opportunity to share market-making strategies in one of the most cutting-edge decentralized exchanges.

Through this new inclusion, CAZBUX seeks to incentivize the decentralized finance ecosystem where everyone can enjoy more open alternatives that are also permissionless, censorship-resistant, and maintain full control over their assets. Reinforcing this statement, CazBux is next to announce more listings in decentralized exchanges.

To Buy,Sell or Swap CazBux simply follow this steps.
1. Open PanCakeSwap in your Wallet Browser like MetaMask or Trustwallet. (*Be sure you Add Custom Token PUSDX and CAZB)
2. Fund your BNB wallet and simply exchange or swap it into CazBux (CAZX) *CAZX Token receivables may vary to market movements and latest distribution amount.

Stay tuned for more news!

Oct-12-2021 12:32:56 PM

CAZBUX (CAZX) is officially in Binance Blockchain

CAZBUX (CAZX) is officially in Binance Blockchain.

📧 Telegram —

🌐 Website —

Download in App your Store or Web Browser MetaMask or Trustwallet.

Add Custom Token in MetaMask or TrustWallet, under Smart Chain (BNB)

Contract Address: 0x39b3d0ca841d94f47a69d8f87df68b638a5b3589

Token Name: CAZBUX
Symbol: CAZX
Decimals: 18

For Assistance/Project Investments/Queries/Guidance/Support
Please ask here 👇👇👇

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Oct-7-2021 05:50:56 PM
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